Top 5 WordPress Themes for Blogging

top 5 wordpress themes

I imagine you have started a blog or a website, you are
clear on information that you want to put ahead but you are faced with one
issue that makes you to rethink on your choice. You have a domain name, you
have already managed to install a WordPress on it but you wish to customize
your website or blog to represent you. In simple terms, you are looking for WordPress
themes that would best suit you. There are a number of WordPress themes out
there that would suit you from different developers and designers which are
highly attractive and customized. These are WordPress themes of high quality available
out there designed by various companies and WordPress artists and they come
with documentation and some with their respective plugins.

Below are top 5 WordPress themes for blogging


This is one of the highly and most designed corporate
themes. They give a refreshing and pleasant look, soothing textures and calm
colors. These types of themes come with a complete package of color schemes and
customizations which are essentially simple to customize to ones desires.


Customizr is one of the excellent WordPress themes that you
may have never used in the past. It helps you to customize your blog or website
in your own desired way by introducing sliders, various featured blocks,
layouts and much more. When it comes to customization there are various options
since it was used to built and develop twitter bootstrap framework.


Mystile is an opensource WordPress theme that offers a taste
to a variety of a few free themes. This theme is extremely light weighted and
clean, it is designed as canvas thus can be used without any headaches or
hassles. Mystile theme can be utilized to come up with unique designs so that
it suits and matches your products.


Attitude is mostly utilized for professional and facile
WordPress theme. It comes as retina-ready that is it is good for high DPI
resolution devices such smartphones and tablets. Attitude has a myriad of
sterling in its solution which you can select the best from.


Finally, agency is an extremely responsive, clean and
minimal WordPress theme. If you want a corporate theme, this would be the best
choice to narrow down on because it is meant for reflect work, which also makes
it best for portfolio works of any kind of website. Agency theme is available
with drag and drop builder, 7 skins and other many features such as testimonial
support and team support.