Deer Antler Velvet Extract Reviews


How Legitimate Is Deer Antler Velvet Extract For Stamina

The deer antler velvet extract is purely organic and is consumed as a supplement for better health. You can use it in management of some physiological disorders as well as promotion of homeostasis. Antlers are organs that grow and are not keratinized like horns. They are shed and then grow again annually through the seasons. Antlers have tissues that grow rapidly compared to other parts in mammalian bodies. Testosterone in the deer is a key contributor in their development. The velvet extraction is done when they are still spongy and seem to be covered by a soft, hair-like material.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract

Collection of Deer Antler Velvet Extract

The entire growing antler is used in production of the extract, not just the outer covering. There is the optimal stage for the collection of the deer antler velvet. The growth cycle of the antlers start after they are shed and it ends when the calcification has occurred. The antlers are primarily used in the mating process and the high levels of testosterone at this stage causes complete calcification. The optimal time is considered to be approximately sixty days into the growth phase. The need for precise timing ensures that there is minimal calcification and maximum growth of the antlers. You will attain most of the nutrients when extraction is done at this time. If calcification occurs before the collection of the velvet, you will not get any of the medicinal benefits desired.

Another good source of information on deer antler velvet is on Wikipedia here.

Extraction of deer antlers is not harmful to the animals and the procedure used is humane. The method is surgical and there is adequate supervision by a qualified veterinarian. A tourniquet is tied at the base of the antler to be collected and then a sharp instrument cuts it off. It is a relatively fast process and there are sanitary conditions upheld to prevent infections. The deer from which the antlers are collected are usually in good health. This is to ensure that you will only buy the best products from the highest quality vendor. There regulations that are put in place to ensure the welfare of the animals and the safety of the consumers. You should be vigilant in the avoidance of any organization that fails to abide by such regulations or condones inhumane treatment of the deer. After collection, the deer antlers are taken in for processing to make certain that you attain the highest concentration of the beneficial ingredients.

The Composition

Like other biochemical substances, the composition of the deer antler velvet is highly complex. The natural combination of the components within the velvet extract is believed to be what makes the products so potent. There are lipids, minerals, proteins and water. Other beneficial trace elements and regulatory chemicals are also contained within the velvet. Artificial ingredients are not added during the processing stage so the extract remains completely natural and most of the nutrients are usually attained from the upper parts of the antler. The lower parts have poor yields of beneficial components because this is where calcification starts. Since the extract is sold by weight, you should avoid unscrupulous companies that will provide heavier low quality material from calcified antlers. Make sure that you get the best deer antler velvet extract by researching meticulously.

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